• Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Designer
    Sylvia Kim
  • Photo Credit
    Sylvia Kim
  • School
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Location
    Georgia Tech College of Design
  • Project Date
    March 08 2024
  • Project Link
  • Web URL

svelte is an accent armchair that embodies the fusion of minimalist elegance and ergonomic precision. Its sleek leather back gives sophistication, while the sturdy walnut wood frame ensures durability and style, making the chair a statement piece that elevates any space.

svelte is designed to enhance your space aesthetically while providing unparalleled comfort and support. Crafted with comfort in mind, the chair features a low and wide silhouette that accommodates a variety of body types, offering a versatile seating option for lounging or entertaining guests.

What sets svelte apart is its ergonomic design, which has undergone user testing to support a wide range of postures and activities. Whether you're immersed in work or taking a moment to relax, the chair ensures a comfortable experience that enhances your overall well-being.