• Prize
    Winner in Stool
  • Designer
    Brianna Muchai
  • School
    University of Iowa
  • Project Date
    Nov. 2022
  • Project Link
  • Web URL

Blume is a three-D printed stool standing at 14 inches tall. This stool whose form is inherently organic with its seat being the form of a flower. Blume was inspired by flowers in cartoons that I would watch as a kid.

Brianna Muchai is a 4th year studying Art at the University of Iowa and is pursuing a BFA in 3D design. Brianna is fond of organic geometric forms and uses them often in her work. She enjoys working in 3Ds Max, Auto CAD, Lightroom, clay and metal. Brianna is excited to work with other materials such as 3D printing, wood, and fabric in the upcoming year and hopes to keep collecting knowledge of the 3D design world.