Meander - A study on form and production technique

  • Prize
    Winner in Stool
  • Designer
    Andreas Sebastian Øverby
  • School
    The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
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Meander is a stool that seeks to explore the potential of bent wood lamination when it comes to form and durability in everyday objects. Bent lamination enables the creation of unique shapes at low costs and is therefore ideal for efficient production.
The stool consists of two main components: a seat and a base. The seat is a single curved and concave rectangular volume. It appears to be floating above the base and gives the impression of lightness. The base is a single curved flat volume, duplicated and rotated symmetrically around the center axis. The silhouette is vertically converging and the volume creates interesting negative space in the shape of half cones, disrupted by the seat.
The active and engaging shape of the base has a clear direction and guides you around the object itself.
The design of the base provides great stability while the orientation of the material ensures optimal resistance to compression and strain when in use. Due to the strength of the material its thickness can be reduced, which results in a cost efficient, light and material-saving product.
This makes for a long lasting and sustainable product, with a clear identity of its own.