O-2 Chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Bar stool
  • Designer
    Wenhan Zhang
  • Photo Credit
    OuMo/Wenhan Zhang
  • School
    School of The Art Institute of Chicago
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Product design should understand sustainability as an inherent value in new creation. In this case, the O-2 was born with the soul of an icon. Innovation is not only important when designing new products, but also when replacing specific parts of a piece of furniture. In the case of this model, it is possible to replace the seat if the passage of time has worn it out excessively. The O-2 is available in three seating heights, height 48 cm, 64 cm and 80 cm. With various heights, the O-2 chair can also provide seating solutions for commercial spaces such as bar and tea room. The heart of this minimalist chair is the solid wood seat. With its CNC-milled form, the solid wood seat anchors the frame. The brackets are simply bolted to the underside and are not visible from above.