• Prize
    Winner in Lounge chair
  • Designer
    Amiti Arunmozhi
  • Photo Credit
    Amiti Arunmozhi, Daniel Lee
  • School
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Location
    Georgia Tech College of Design
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Vue is a lounge chair fabricated from a ½ inch acrylic sheet and steel tubing in a dramatic silhouette designed to be the focal point of a modern living room. The sculptural floating quality created by the suspension of the seat through non-traditional leg locations is permitted by the strength of the steel legs. The connections from acrylic to steel allows the clear seat to float above the 2 symmetrical legs. It features a comfortable high back rest and slightly reclined seat angle designed from ergonomic testing to support a range of body types. Visually, the chair looks as though it was in perspective from any view point (point de vue).

I am aspiring designer that draws from a abstract visual arts background and a mechanical thinking mindset in order to incorporate unique forms and novel mechanisms into my projects. My personal design goal is to push my concepts and continuously reinvent my own ideas until they reach their peak, eager to learn and grow in a variety of subject matter areas.