Mother's Embrace

  • Prize
    Winner in Chaise Longue
  • Designer
    Siyun Xue
  • Other Credit
    Model: Ziyu Wang
  • Photo Credit
    Siyun Xue
  • School
    University of Iowa
  • Location
    Visual Arts Building at University of Iowa
  • Project Date
  • Project Link
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After witnessing the grief of a close friend who lost his mother in an accident, I was moved to create a soothing space, resulting in "Mother's Embrace." Fabricated with pure cotton velvet, a brass support tube, four stainless steel legs, foam, and plywood, it embodies comfort and serenity. Its curves, reminiscent of the feminine body, along with the softness of foam and cotton velvet, convey to users the safety and intimacy of lying in one's mother's arms, providing a temporary escape from the reality they cannot bear.

I transitioned into design after many years of philosophical training because I was convinced that design is crucial and powerful. Consider the evolution of modern design objects over the past century or two and how they have significantly transformed our world. While human needs undoubtedly influence reality (that is, everything produced), it is design that plays a pivotal role in guiding and shaping those needs, albeit not always in a positive direction. Working as a designer, I am interested in exploring the expressive power of forms.