‘Garden’ Portable Folding Lounge Chairs

  • Prize
    Winner in Lounge chair
  • Designer
    Wenhan Zhang
  • School
    School of The Art Institute of Chicago
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Life after COVID-19 has gradually begun to return to normal, and with that, there has been an increased desire to spend more time together­—outdoors. This exceptional set of portable folding lounge chairs are designed to encourage people to take a break from busy urban life and enjoy nature. The design features the fiberglass combined with a striped fabric executed in the bright colors, bringing its users a joyful feeling.
The chairs embrace a thoughtful design in which both functionality and aesthetics are present. The chairs fold into itself by pulling the seat and backrest towards each other, resulting in a trapezoid-shaped case. When folded in its trapezoid-shaped case, the chair can be used as a table while the pillows are stored within the case. At the bottom, there is a handle for easy carrying making this portable chair ideal for the outdoor activities like camping or visiting the beach.