Morfius Modular Furniture

  • Prize
    Winner in Other Chairs
  • Designer
    Arman Farahmand, Mozhgan Banayesarshoury, Soheil Jami
  • Photo Credit
    Arman Farahmand
  • School
    Tehran University of Art
  • Location

Morfius is built around a single modular structure and three distinct modular pillows that come in various colors. The concept aims to redefine the modular approach, emphasizing both functionality and aesthetics. The structure can be transformed into different configurations, from a single-person seat to an L-shaped sofa, standard sofa, bed, long linear sofa, and more. In terms of aesthetics, you have the flexibility to mix and match triangular, square, and diamond-shaped pillows. This versatility makes Morfius adaptable to various settings, including homes, offices, children's rooms, etc.
The form and material of this design are inspired by the simplicity of Japanese furniture and the functionality or ease of use is inspired by CROCS footwear and LEGO classic. The origin of the name comes from the combination of More and Fuse, which that addresses you can fuse more function and form out of the original package. It brings out a gamification experience for the customer to play with his sense of creativity and renovation to take more out of the product.
Because of the dotted hole structure, the reshaping and rearranging process is so easy.

For me, design is where Art and Function meet together. Beauty always matters for the customer and functionality and being easy to use is where you can make people loyal.

Other prizes
2013, 2nd Place, "DecoLight: lighting competition", Tehran/Iran. 2014, 1st Place, "Hodex: first Iranian furniture grand prize", Tehran/Iran. 2015, 1st Place in the furniture category, "Idiran", Tehran/Iran.