• Prize
    Winner in Desk
  • Designer
    Suhani Pittie
  • Other Credit
    Prof. Neelam Khetmar
  • School
    MIT Institute of Design, MIT-ADT University
  • Location
  • Project Date
    May 2023
  • Web URL

Mauj is a desk designed for primary school students in India, to make learning more fun and engaging. "Mauj" means playful in Hindi, and its design reflects this spirit through its appearance. Traditional desks used in schools are dull and cause discomfort to students, with little room for leg movement and no proper support. Mauj offers a more playful and innovative approach by providing ample storage space on the side of the desk for books, bags, and other materials, reducing clutter and promoting organization. The curvy shape of the storage area reduces the risk of injury to children. Storage to the side, Mauj allows for more legroom and introduces a leg rest, making it more ergonomic for students. The desk also features a stand for reading books, separate from the writing book, which further improves organization. Mauj incorporates a shared desk which promotes peer learning and engagement. Mauj is made from flexible ply, making the manufacturing process more efficient. Combined with accent colors, the desk provides a nondistracting, playful vibe that makes children feel at ease. Mauj promotes creativity and productivity in the classroom.

I am Suhani, and my passion lies in the realm of abstraction and creating immersive experiences. Working with new materials or exploring the harmonious balance between nature and design is something that makes me feel ecstatic. I believe that form follows function. I am fascinated by ecodesign.