OON Tables

  • Prize
    Winner in Bedside table
  • Designer
    Peter Yun Sung Kim
  • Photo Credit
    Ryan Mo
  • School
    Parsons School of Design - The New School
  • Location
    New York City, NY
  • Project Date
    December, 2023

Translated directly to "luck" in Korean, the name OON embodies the lucky nature of clovers on the tables. They come in a variety of design choices—3-leaf and 4-leaf table tops—and colors, including Navy Blue, Caribbean Blue, and Pumpkin. With rounded forms and 2-tier tops, the design adds a whimsical and soft accent in any room or commercial environment, while also offering plenty of space to display drinks, books, plants, and favorite objects. The OON Tables are made from painted wood pieces with simple joinery and will be flat-packed so that anyone can assemble them with ease.

The OON Tables can be mass-produced and be highly customizable. The set will continue to expand to include more piece variations, paint colors, wood types, and perhaps even patterns in the future. With their simple construction methods, the OON Tables empower anyone to get creative and personalize their rooms with a whimsical touch.

Other prizes
Winner of SIT Design Award 2023 in the "Bar stool" category.