• Prize
    Winner in Low table
  • Designer
    yingfei zhuo
  • School
    The New School
  • Location
    New York
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BioBlend is revolutionary furniture made from milkweed fiber, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics and resins. Aware of the urgent need to combat environmental pollution caused by traditional materials, designers chose to use plant fibers, which not only reduces ecological harm but also utilizes natural renewable resources.
Using milkweed fiber as the main raw material, its inherent strength and versatility are used to create durable and environmentally friendly furniture. Unlike traditional plastics, BioBlend's material composition allows it to melt completely at ultra-high temperatures, making it very environmentally friendly. Additionally, its unique properties allow it to degrade easily over time, ensuring minimal impact upon disposal.
The project demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship, providing consumers with responsible choices without compromising quality or functionality. As demand for environmentally friendly products continues to grow, BioBlend adds a new direction in sustainable innovation in the furniture industry, paving the way for a green future.