• Prize
    Winner in Accessories
  • Designer
    Matthew Demas
  • School
    Artcenter College of Design
  • Location
    Los Angeles
  • Project Date
    April 2023
  • Web URL

Restoration: A concept collection for Dunhill that purifies through natural elements. The collection includes a Sculpture Purifier, Pitcher, and Diffuser

Playing off Dunhill's legacy of cigarettes, this line brings indulgent restoration by healing the user through charcoal and creating a haven inside their home.

Charcoal is known for its purifying qualities due to its powerful absorption properties. Using charcoal, a natural material, cleanses and reconnects us with the elements in your home.

Nature intersecting geometry.This collection puts the elements on displays as art for your home. It contrasts with a geometric interior while purifying through Air, Water, and Spirituality.

Air is purified through The Sculpture Purifier as charcoal reduces pollutants as air passes and circulates through the space.

Water is purified through The Pitcher + Charcoal Infuser as the charcoal sits in the water, absorbing contaminates.

Lastly, spiritually purifying through the Charcoal Diffuser as the charcoal diffuses essential oils for a lasting aroma.

Through charcoal's cleansing properties, this collection grounds and restores users, offering indulgent restoration through natural elements.

Pushing the boundaries by defying constraints

Fashion, skateboarding, and business allow me to identify unique perspectives and experiment with design as a multimedia artist.