Kaunas Chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Outdoor chair
  • Designer
    Thomas Rimsa
  • Photo Credit
    Ben Jungblut, Agustin Montalvo, Davis Gentry
  • School
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Location
    Atlanta, Georgia
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Kaunas Chair is the outdoor dining piece that juxtaposes industry building materials and forms, curves, and patterns that resemble those in the natural world. Incorporating armrests and a flexible back rest, it provides a comfortable medium between a dining and relaxing experience.

The name is drawn from the Lithuanian city of Kaunas, a riverside town that incorporates traditional, Northern European architecture within its flourishing natural environment. The balance of greenery and industry inspires the continuous curves of the steel base and nature in inspired patterning.

The steel frame curves were created using slip rollers and hossfeld benders. After being welded together and finished, it supports two "living hinge" cut wood features that act as a flexible, contoured seat pan and seat back.

Integration of this piece is sure to draw the eye of anyone who loves being outdoors. Whether it be pulled up to table or standing along, Kaunas Chair highlights and emphasizes the natural beauty of the surrounding area and is sure to provide support, comfort, and a pleasurable sitting experience.