One for All Bench

  • Prize
    Winner in Public park & Public area furniture
  • Designer
    Billy Shevriyanto
  • Other Credit
    Advisors : Wan-Ying Lai, Shen-Guan Shih, Chien-Jung Huang
  • School
    Ming Chi University of Technology

The One for All Bench is a singular modular seating solution featuring three varying heights, catering to individuals of all statures, thus ensuring ergonomic comfort across different age groups and genders. Its simplistic yet innovative design, comprising a box-shaped structure with concave faces, provides users with diverse seating experiences. By offering adjustable seating heights within a unified bench, it fosters inclusivity and equality of comfort, bridging generational divides and fostering a sense of unity within urban communities. Crafted from Ultra High Performance Concrete and aluminum, and featuring adaptable modules, it seamlessly integrates into any urban landscape while ensuring sustainability. The graceful curves formed upon assembly symbolize the perpetual harmony it engenders.