Benchmark - The Versatile Outdoor Bench

  • Prize
    Winner in Public park & Public area furniture
  • Designer
    Ruchi Shah
  • Photo Credit
    Malhar Shah and Kiran Shah
  • School
    National Institute of Design, Mp
  • Location
    Ahmedabad and Bhopal, India
  • Project Date
    March, 2024
  • Project Link
  • Web URL

Benchmark is an outdoor bench designed for educational institutions and public spaces. It is intended to promote the use of outdoor areas for various activities such as working, relaxing, socializing, and other recreations. It resolves common challenges often faced with conventional outdoor benches. The design enables users to easily change their posture, enhancing comfort, and overcoming the discomfort often associated with extended sitting. Elements of the design can serve as a table, allowing for gadget use and facilitating meals. The bench's unique and unconventional form fosters face-to-face interaction, aiding meaningful conversations. Its versatile design encourages various activities, ensuring it serves as a user-friendly outdoor seating option.

Benchmark is designed to seat two to four people. It is made using Mild Steel pipes welded together to achieve this form. The simple and symmetrical design helps it to blend in various locations ranging from public parks to educational institutions. The pipes are attached to a Mild Steel plate at the bottom, which is bolted to the ground, keeping the bench stable. Its blue color also creates a tranquil ambiance for the users.

I’m Ruchi Shah, a Final Year Student at the National Institute of Design, MP, pursuing Industrial and Furniture Design.

Simple, Subtle, Functional & Appealing is my mantra for a good design. Design for me is the amalgamation of using existing resources and principles to create new and lasting solutions. I feel very passionate about making user-friendly, cost-effective, and simple products and furniture.