Neuron-system sofa (the Fission Series)

  • Prize
    Winner in couch & sofa
  • Company/Firm
    RuphusSten Studio
  • Designer
    Ruphus Sten
  • Location
    China Shanghai
  • Project Date
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The birth of the Neuron series artworks originated from the artist's pursuit of spatial seating.The fusion theme is derived from the designer's exploration of life itself.
The prominent circular structure in the design pays tribute to platelets and megakaryocytes in the human body, these microscopic cells produce new metabolism through infinite self-replication, constituting life and creating civilization.
In terms of design, these structures are carefully arranged and precisely fitted with the soft ball-like internal structure, ultimately giving consumers a sense of softness.
In the pursuit of furniture art, the artist has bestowed a new neural design language on the spatial seating works, hoping to add a touch of uniqueness to this era through differentiation.