Rocky furniture collection

  • Prize
    Winner in Living room furniture
  • Company/Firm
    Guticher Ltd
  • Designer
    Nadya Levina
  • Other Credit
    Aleksei Pronin
  • Photo Credit
    Margarita Volkova
  • Client
    Guticher Ltd.
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"Rocky" is a furniture collection inspired by mountain ranges, designed to bring a 'piece of nature' into every home, particularly enhancing living and sleeping areas. Unique milling, echoing the incomparable textures of mountains, makes each piece visually appealing and tactilely pleasant. Inclined legs and hidden handles underscore the natural form, offering high functionality tailored to modern living requirements, including thoughtfully designed cable management in the TV stand.

Crafted with eco-friendly solid oak, oak veneer, and MDF, and retaining the natural color finished with lacquer, the collection emphasizes sustainability and durability. 'Rocky' not only introduces elements of nature into the interior but also fosters an atmosphere of relaxation and peace, reminiscent of the tranquility found in the mountains where time seems to stand still.

Designed for those who appreciate harmony with nature and are committed to a sustainable lifestyle, 'Rocky' is ideal for creating a serene and inspiring environment in both the living and bedroom areas of a home.

Other prizes
European Product Design Awards, Winner in Home Furniture: Bedroom 2023 Design Factory 2.0., Winner 2023