SecretAir - The discrete home office sideboard

  • Prize
    Innovation of the Year
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Wouter Myny
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Woodwork tips & tricks: Philipp von Hase, Fredrik Bostad: render setup
  • Other Credit
    Strength calculation: Magnus Rogne Myklebost
  • Location
    Bergen, Norway
  • Project Date
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This furniture originates from the need of having a home office integrated in the living room, avoiding untidy desk annoyance and constant reminder of work to be done.

Design brief: High-end home office, which is comfortable and practical during work, invisible after work. Producible in series, not taking too much space.

Technology is integrated to make the best of both working and living. It is a fully equipped office desk in your living room during the day. When the working day is over, the office is easily transformed into a nice sideboard, bringing back the home atmosphere.

How it works:
Manually open the sideboard middle door. By lifting the lower panel, the other plates follow in a small groove on each side of the door. When open, the door locks in a snap. The small lid is fixated with a magnet on the two front panels.
By pressing the up/down-button (button or app), two electrical actuators are activated. Adjust the table height to your preferred sit and work position.

There is a phycological effect being able to store away the office: out of sight, out of mind.

By winning SIT, I want the product to be noticed by potential partners to bring it to the market.

Wouter Myny (40) is a Belgian industrial designer, living in Bergen Norway. He is discipline leader for product design and senior product designer at Inventas AS - Norway’s leading one stop shop for product development consulting. Wouter has a long-time experience in design of products where the user experience plays a central role. In furniture design he uses his technological knowledge from other fields to improve the life of the users. This results in unexpected innovative products that make a change.