• Prize
    Furniture Design of the Year
  • Designer
    Sergio Sesmero
  • School
    Esne - Escuela Universitaria De Innovación, Diseño Y Tecnología.
  • Location
    Madrid, Spain
  • Project Date

MEMORIA is a groundbreaking, avant-garde chair proposal based on sustainability, functionality and creation of new experiences, by the usage of concrete fabric as the main manufacturing element. This is an innovative material in the field of furniture, better known as Concrete Canvas. Generally used in civil construction, it is a flexible fabric impregnated with concrete, which hardens when hydrated and forms a thin, durable, waterproof and fire-resistant layer. The manufacturing process gathers both 3D printing and hand-crafting processes, which would mean exclusivity and added emotional value. It is a piece that evokes mystery, and goes beyond its functionality. It plays with the senses, showing different interpretations depending on the circumstance. This concept maintains a dialogue between opposites that are in a common point and space, as a simile of what happens in today's society. It is aesthetically based on a maximalist or brutalist tendency, with a formal essence of a minimalist concept. It contains an intellectual and cultural narrative, inspired by the Hegelian dialectic applied in Magritte's work. Thereby, a dialogue between revelation and concealment is created.