M3 Performance® Mattress

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    Innovation of the Year
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  • Designer
    Eugene Alletto
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  • Location
    Farmingdale, NY
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Whether sleeping alone or with a partner, the M3 Performance® Mattress is the world’s first dual-sided modular design that allows the sleeper to choose from four highly breathable firmness levels on the right or left so they never have to compromise on comfort.

- Luxurious Ver-Tex™ top cover: The Ver-Tex cover is available in bright white with an elongated wavy crisscross pattern. Immensely smooth, the Ver-Tex cover has a cool-to-the-touch feel and helps reduce overheating.

-Breathable patented Air-X® mesh sides: The quilted Air-X mesh in navy blue on all sides of the mattress, which is also called the chassis, is aesthetically pleasing and immensely breathable to provide maximum airflow. Three air vents on each long side of the chassis help move excess heat away from the sleeper.

-Ventilated cushioning: The three-layered foam Comfort Layer featuring Boost® technology includes airway passages throughout it to ensure continuous airflow and help absorb motion and provide elevating support.

-Ventilated Independent Suspension™ units: Made with hundreds of individually wrapped coils that are encased in perforated fabric for enhanced breathability and airflow.