BEDGEAR® receives the “Innovation of the Year 2023” with M3 Performance® Mattress.

April 3, 2023

Each year, the SIT Award “Innovation Center” focuses on a different topic, looking at highlighting inventions, closely examining today’s challenges, and finding ways to overcome them.

This year, the innovation center focuses on “Furniture with Innovative Materials”, the process of incorporating or using a material that improves resistance, sustainability, or functionality requires talent. BEDGEAR® is receiving this grand prize with their latest mattress innovation called M3 Performance® Mattress.

The M3 Performance® Mattress is the world’s first dual-sided modular design that allows the sleeper to choose from four highly breathable firmness levels on the right or left so they never have to compromise on comfort.

Congratulations to BEDGEAR®, read all about their new product here.