Fabrizio Constanza

Fabrizio Constanza Design / Founder and Director

Fabrizio Constanza is a prominent artist and designer. Born in England, raised in Guatemala and educated in the United States, he has a multicultural approach for design. His body of work includes furniture, conceptual art, functional art, lighting, and interior architecture. His professional training is in industrial design, which he perceives as a creative process applicable to diverse industries. His design process has been applied in projects, which go from architecture and interior design to consulting in commercial and private projects. His work has been published in DM Design Magazine, Design Milk, Design You Trust, Yahoo News Business, ID Magazine and Architecture and Design Colorado, to mention a few.

With 18 international design awards to his name in the last 8 years and work in Europe, the US, and Central America, Fabrizio Constanza is a significant contributor to the multicultural design approach. His work has been selected and exhibited at venues like Pinta Miami, Paris Design Week, New York Design Week and Milan Design week.

Fabrizio is a believer in the importance of design education and the benefits of public art. He constantly collaborates with industrial design university departments as a guest speaker and feedback mentor at student’s project presentations. Internationally, he has served as jury member multiple times at the A ’Design Award and Competition. Fabrizio has also exhibited artwork at the City of Guatemala Art festival, City of Bellevue Art festival, and Grand Rapids Michigan Art Prize. At the moment, he is developing a public art sculpture for the city of Guatemala.


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