Juan Mellen

Design Institute of Spain (DIOS) / President

Juan Mellen was born in Barcelona, Spain. He is Public Relations graduated from the University of Barcelona. He is President at the Design Institute of Spain (DIOS) based in Madrid since 2019. The mission of the Institute is to foster the recognition of design to increase business competitiveness and the positioning of the country’s image.

Previously, he was founding member and CEO of the first non-profit making association of Spanish design companies (RED) with the aim to count on most of the contemporary design enterprises in any of its different sectors of interior design -commercial, hospitality and residential. His job was essentially translating the association strategy into reality. It is not just accomplishing a task or a goal, but also to achieve the underlying business objectives.

He is a lecturer in the Strategic Direction of a Master in Strategic Design program at the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, as well as a lecturer in the Business Model Strategy of a Master in Management of Fashion Design Brands program at the BAU Design School in Barcelona.

He gives conferences on the international promotion of design and brands from Spain, and he writes opinion pieces and Papers on design branding and communication policies in online and offline media.

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