Yolanda Wong

Beijing Zhijian Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. / Founder

Ms. Yolande Wong has been deeply engaged in the media industry for ten years and has rich experience in brand management, media communication, and marketing planning. As one of the first brand operation managers in the design field to put forward and practice the strategy of market segmentation in China. She not only has a unique experience in the Chinese market but also has the ability to provide global services to customers. Ms Wong is also a Senior Freelance Journalist and the Chief Content Operating Officer of DESIGNKEEPER.

She has served in hundreds of design companies and decoration groups such as Golden Mantis, Grandland Group, Matrix Design, and Tengyuan Design, planning and implementation of dozens of design projects & activities, managing up to 1000 people. Her articles are often seen in “Chinese Architectural Decoration”, “Personage Decoration” and other publications.


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