Nima Bavardi

KIOSKedia International Academy and Magazine / Head of Industrial Design Department

Nima Bavardi was born in Tabriz, Iran. He received a master of industrial design from the central Tehran branch of IA University. Nima is a lecturer and the head of the Furniture and lighting design group at Villasufia concept store as well as product Designer at Interior Elements Design studio in Sweden. Since 2016, Nima is lecturing creativity and innovation at the Azad University of Tehran and Pars University in Iran.

Nima believes a good design should be easy to interact with and easy to understand to be loved. He has a passion for designing products that people use in their daily life!

Nima is also the head of industrial design at KIOSKedia international academy and magazine, he has recorded up to 51 design awards in his professional career.

He is a jury member of the A’DESIGN Awards in Italy since 2017, INDUSTART Awards in Ukraine and EDISON Awards in the USA. In addition, he is a full member of the International Association of Designers (IAD), World Design Consortium (WDC), International Council of Creative Industries (ICCI), International Design Club (IDC), Alliance of International Business Association (AIBA) and International Society of Product Manufacturers (AIBA).

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